Stephenie, Stylist

Specialties: Weddings/special events and creating natural looking colors.

Stephenie is a licensed Cosmetologist with a passion for women's health. This passion led Stephenie to becoming a licensed health and wellness coach for six years now. She is also a toxic free advocate, providing as many products as possible that support your body instead of harm it. Since she was a little girl, she dreamed of becoming a stylist who sang country music to her clients as she did their hair... be glad she only does your hair.

When Stephenie isn't creating your best you, her favorite place to be is home with her family. She loves to cook, bake, tend her vegetable garden, practice boxing, and yoga and travel with her husband Joe and two sons, Stephen and Jasper. Stephenie has traveled much of the U.S., France, Italy, and Switzerland and has plans for much more. Stephenie is dedicated to helping you not only look but feel your best. She loves her clients like family. She can't wait to serve you!

Steph's advice: Don't let your husband cut your hair!