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Client Consultation Form

Please read the following information and if you agree, click the accept terms and conditions below.

Every stylist here is an independent contractor.  If you have questions, concerns or payment issues, you will need to speak with them personally as the salon does not make a habit of keeping individual client info, formulas, or payment info on file.  

We at Avenue Allure want to make sure you understand the process of coloring / lightening your hair.  The darker your hair color initially is, the harder it will be to lift to a blonde and that it may not be a one-time process to achieve desired results. We will try our best to lift as light as the hair will take, tone, and cover with lighter color if needed. 

We will not be held responsible for any adverse effects or for less than desired results if your desired look takes more than one visit to one of our stylists. We are not responsible for any damage that you may incur visiting a stylist/salon other than Avenue Allure. 

You must understand that lightening the hair can be done safely but will require more maintenance involving the care of hair afterwards such as deep conditioning treatments and more use of professional products. A revisit is something you need to arrange with your individual stylist.  

Using products that are not professional and designed for color, lightened or chemically treated hair will void any guarantees and warranties on a service performed in our salon.  On most occasions, your color service includes your home care; however, it’s your responsibility to inform us if you have run out of one of our homecare products.

There are no guarantees offered other than we will attempt to achieve your desired look as long as the integrity of your hair is not compromised before the service.  Blonde has very different results on different types/colors of hair. You understand that lightener lessens the hair's protein and the option of going back to a darker color is not possible within the first couple weeks of lightening.  

​The most important thing is keeping the integrity of your hair and that's our top priority.  We will be in touch soon to schedule your appointment or you can go ahead and move onto the booking page on this site once you agree and submit this page.  If you are already here, we are so happy!  

I consent to have chemical process, applied to my hair, haircut and/or skin services.​ (service)

​I release Avenue Allure and its employees and contractors from any responsibility and/or liability concerning the application, processing and/or consequences of the permanent chemical procedure of my hair and skin services. ​

I release and hold Avenue Allure Salon, its employees and its agents harmless against any and all liability, damage, and/or expenses arising out of or in connection with actions, claims, and/or damages resulting in personal injuries and disabilities (physical and/or psychological) that I might incur as a result of the chemical altercation through permanent chemical processing of my hair and skin services.


I understand that additional conditioning treatments and home care may be recommended and/or necessary for my hair / skin maintenance and that permanent damage to my hair / skin is possible due to the chemical application.  I have not had any chemical process performed on my hair/ skin within the last four-six weeks. 

The approximate costs of the permanent chemical services that will be used on my hair/skin and the maintenance schedule and products have been or will be discussed with me prior to beginning my service. I understand that past history and condition of my hair/skin may result in my service warranty. However, we will perform any adjustments for a charge.

For your safety & security we have the following guidelines:

(a) Agree to follow the rules before your service begins.
(b) All visitors must sign in at our front desk ipad.
(c) All visitors are required to read and acknowledge the Non-Disclosure and Waiver Agreement.
(d) In the event of an emergency. Follow signage to the nearest exit.

Please keep an eye on your children.  They are not allowed to play with any salon equipment or retail items.  We are not responsible for any accident or injury that may result from being unattended.  You are responsible for any damage to our equipment caused by your child being unattended.

NSF and non-payment of services will be considered theft of services and will be prosecuted.

We are honored to be at your service.  

Thanks for submitting!

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